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 10 November 2022

Within the framework of the graduate course in EU politics I teach at the University of Liège, I invited Ms. Samia Benbouazza from the European Parliament who delivered a captivating guest lecture on her professional journey as a Schuman Trainee and Administrative Manager at the DG PERS (Talent Selection Unit). She provided my students with sound advice and useful guidance to start a career with the EU.

13 October 2022

Within the framework of the graduate course in EU politics I teach at the University of Liège, I invited Ms. Lara Lombard from the European Commission who delivered a captivating guest lecture on her professional journey as a Blue Book Trainee and Temporary Agent at the DG COMM. She provided my students with sound advice and useful guidance to start a career with the EU.

15 September 2022

Honored to be amongst APSA Centennial Center’s 41 grant winners of the 2022 summer edition! The Edward Artinian Fund for Publishing decided to support my Ph.D. thesis-based book project provisionally entitled "The European Union’s Interpretations of Europe-anness: Discourse, Enlargement, and Legitimation". 

"APSA’s Summer Centennial Center Research Grants are awarded each year to individual and group projects submitted by APSA members. The winning projects will help political scientists of all career stages from institutions across the United States and around the world to carry out innovative work that will contribute to our understanding of some of the most pressing issues facing the profession and the world around us."



15-18 September 2022

I took part to APSA annual conference in Montreal from 15 to 18 September where I co-chaired two fascinating panels and delivered a paper presentation. 

8 August 2022

I am honored and humbled to announce that I was awarded the Julie Dehay Prize from the ULiège Foundation for my research on EU crises. More info here.

1-30 June 2022

I am excited to share that I have started today as a Summer Research Scholar in the European Studies Center ESC Pitt (Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence) and the University Library System (ULS) of the University of Pittsburgh where I will spend the whole month of June! 

I have temporarily relocated to Pittsburgh where I will work on my research and connect with scholars at Pitt while perusing the Barbara Sloan EU Document Collection to collect new data. 

I warmly thank the jury members of the Summer Research Scholars Program for selecting my application, and I look forward to making the most of this amazing opportunity!

19-21 May 2022

I attended the EUSA conference in Miami, FL, where I presented my research and discussed interesting papers. I met a lot of EU scholars and exchanged with eminent professors. What a fruitful conference! 

Presented papers: “The European Union's Institutional Discourse in Times of Crises: Fostering Legitimacy and Unity through Public Communication” and "Do Value Matter? Tracing the Political Interpretations of the 'European State' in the EU's Enlargement Discourse".


I have been invited by the Harvard-MIT Belgian society to discuss the Russian-Ukraine conflict with Mr. Ambassador Jean-Arthur Régibeau (Belgian Ambassador to the U.S. and former Belgian Ambassador to Russia) and Professor Mikulaschek from Harvard University. Many thanks to Korneel Grauwet (Harvard) and Maxime Van Cauter (WBI) for the excellent organization and the invitation!


7 April 20222

I attended the 79th MPSA Annal Conference in Chicago, IL, where I presented my research and discussed interesting papers and posters. 

Presented paper: “The EU Institutions’ Discourse in Times of Political, Economic, and Health Crises: Legitimacy-Building Strategies in Public Communication”.

23 March 2022


I have been invited to present my research in the EU Program at Princeton seminar. My communication, entitled "Communicating EUrope: Discourse, Legitimacy, and Crises", will take place on March 23rd.

17 March 2022

I attended my PhD ceremony at the University of Liège, surrounded by my husband and family. 



17 March 2022

I was invited to take part to a video about what it's like to do a PhD at the University of Liège which was broadcast during the PhD ceremony. 

12-15 January 2022

I took part to the SPSA Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. I met so many interesting researchers and professors with fascinating research topics!

Presented paper: “Communicating in Crisis: A Comparison of the EU Institutions’ Argumentative Discourse during Political, Economic, and Health Crises".

27 October 2021

Interested in the current tensions between the European Union and Poland? I come back on the historical importance of political values (among others, the rule-of-law) in this article published on The Conversation France.

1 September 2021

Today, I started my postdoctoral research as a B.A.E.F. fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. More about my current research here

15 August 2021

I am delighted to announce that I have been granted the additional title of Doctor Europaeus that highlights the significant European dimension of PhDs. The title is granted upon the university's proposal when the following conditions are met: 

1. At least two professors from two higher education institutions of two European countries, other than the one where the thesis is defended, have given their review of the manuscript;

2. At least one member of the jury comes from a higher education institution in another European country, other than the one, where the thesis is defended;

3. The viva has taken place in one of the official languages, other than the one(s) of the country, where the thesis is defended;

4. The thesis must partly have been prepared as a result of a research period of at least six months spent in another European country.

1 July 2021

I am delighted and proud to announce that I successfully defended my PhD thesis entitled “A Tale of Europe(anness): Interpretations of the 'European State' in the Discourse of the Political Institutions of the European Union” at the University of Liège. Grades are no longer granted for PhD theses in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation but the jury unanimously approved the thesis and invited me to publish it. What a challenging, yet rewarding, journey it has been. The end of a chapter, not the end of the book! More info here

23 March 2021

Today, I took part to the MT180 contest (Ma thèse en 180 secondes, French-speaking version of 3MT). Presenting my research to the wider public in 3 minutes sharp with only one slide was a challenging but rewarding experience. I warmly thank the team at the University of Liège who accompanied us throughout the different preparation steps. My presentation, entitled "L'Etat européen sous toutes ses coutures", is available on Youtube



29 January 2021

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded the postdoctoral fellowship of the Belgian American Educational Foundation! I can't wait to start this exciting journey as a B.A.E.F. fellow! More info about the research project I will work on at the University of Pennsylvania here

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