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  • annieniessen

EUSA Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)

Delighted to be back in Pittsburgh for another EUSA conference! Attending fascinating presentations, discovering new research areas, meeting old and new friends, and sharing and getting feedback about my work: What else could I have asked for my 3rd EUSA conference and my first time in Pittsburgh since my stay as a Summer Scholar last year?

During the conference, I presented two papers entitled "Ideas and Legitimation: The European Central Bank’s Discourse During the Eurozone and Covid-19 Crises" and "Institutional Ideas in Times of Crises: Tracing Legitimation in the Discourse of the European Commission During the Eurozone and Covid-19 Crises." I have also co-chaired, with Professeur Thomas Smith, a panel entitled "Ideas and Institutions". During the "Researching the European Union: The Barbara Sloan Document Collection at the University of Pittsburgh" research café, I presented and reflected on my experience as a Jean Monnet Summer Research Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh in June 2022. Ahead of the conference, I also took part in a seminar on publications organized by Professor Alasdair Young.

I was also happy to see two colleagues from Liège. More about this here.

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