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  • annieniessen

Productive research stay in Pittsburgh

Today, my stay as a Jean Monnet Summer Research Scholar at the University of Pittsburgh, and most specifically in the European Studies Center and the Barbara Sloan EU Document Collection, comes to an end.

This one-month stay turned out to be one of my best experiences this year! I met with prominent scholars from Pitt, including Jae-Jae Spoon, Allyson Delnore, Josephine Olson, and Dan Pennell. I would like to thank them all for the warm welcome. Between lunches, touristic tours, and general guidance to navigate the Collection and the university, I felt at home directly!

I also want to thank Professor Thomas Smith from Chadron State College who happened to be a summer scholar at the exact same time. It was truly amazing spending this month discussing our research topics, sharing our findings in the Collection, and debating politics with you. My stay would not have been such a great experience without your presence. I look forward to our panel project at EUSA Pittsburgh next year!

As I am about to leave Pittsburgh, which I appreciated so much more than I expected, I feel very grateful for this unique opportunity and look forward to coming back soon.


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